Cuff Bracelets- Personalized and Handcrafted

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Personalized and made to order. Purchase on here and message or email us with all the details that you would like to have done. Thank you. 

We have 2 sizes of cuffs, Adults and children's size. Children's size is recommended between ages 3 and high school. Both sizes are adjustable and when to switch to adult is more of a matter of weight/size than age. 

Children's cuffs come in only one color of metal, silver.
Adult's come in silver, copper and brass.

What are they made of:

Silver- hypoalergenic jewelry grade aluminum

Copper- copper

Brass- brass

Lead Free. Nickel Free.   Aluminum (silvertone) is the most hypoallergenic metal. This is the best suggestion for someone whose skin turns green from metals.

Will the bracelet tarnish?
The silver will not change color. The copper and brass will mature in color over time... think of a penny. They can easily be re polished to their original shine and the tarnish is not damaging. Many of our clients actually prefer the more mature color over shiny ones because of the boho vibe.

The messages on the bracelets are stamped, not laser engraved. Stamping involves me hammering a metal dye into the piece of jewelry to create the impression.This means no handwriting or custom shapes not listed on our fonts or symbols list.

Messages are strongly encouraged to be less than 25 characters as this means they will display fully on the face of the bracelet. CAN stamp up to 50 on an adult cuff and 30 on a child's cuff but the words will wrap all of the way around and may jeopardize the structural integrity of the bracelet over time.

I CAN stamp on both sides however the words must be aranged so that they are not directly underneath each other or the metal may be compromised. 2 sided stamping incurs an extra $1.50 fee.


We can do any color ink on our list, black or no ink. Colored ink shows up best on silver bracelets.


Stamped cuffs are $12 for one sided stamping (both childs and adults)
2 sided stamped cuffs are $13.50

Takes about 2 weeks from time of order to arrive.

Shipping is $3.50.