Shipping & Returns

Even though we don't like too many rules, we must have some.

Shipping is $3.99 for 1 items and $7.99 for 2 or more.  The increase is due to the increase in postage with USPS. We try our hardest to keep your shipping costs as low as we possibly can.

IF you purchase an $88 or more total purchase, you will receive FREE SHIPPING. 

Return & Exchange Policy

You must notify us of any issue with our merchandise within 24 hours of receiving your items. We do NOT generally give returns unless your merchandise comes damaged to you.  Damaged returns may receive a refund or credit on your account if you wish.

Also returns have to come back to us within 7 days unless an agreement between you and us is in effect.

Preorders CANNOT be returned unless there is an issue with the item being damaged or wrong size received.

We thank you for your patronage to our small business.